Advertising Technology Advertising Technology, Opinion | October 24, 2017

Joseph Worswick talks to ExchangeWire about the IPA Bellwether Report

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Joseph Worswick, Joint Managing Director at Media iQ UK talks about UK marketing budgets that are paralysed by wider economic uncertainty.

Joseph Worswick
Joseph Worswick, Joint Managing Director, UK

“It is important that marketers are not pessimistic, despite the fact that marketing budgets have been paralysed due to economic uncertainties. If anything, it presents an opportunity to take more care, and be more precise with spend. In the case of technology, marketers can ensure technological investment works as hard as possible to collect data and generate informative insights, relevant for online and offline media channels. The latter should not be ignored, despite these reports on internet spend being more prominent. Furthermore, at the core of a great marketing team is a great talent with a great capability around planning and creating accurate campaigns. Any paralysis in marketing budgets should not supersede the importance of hiring the best people in the industry.”