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Joseph Worswick, Joint Managing Director, Media iQ shares his view on the growth of digital advertising


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Joseph Worswick
Joseph Worswick, Joint Managing Director, Media iQ

With the UK ad spend having grown at 3.7% to reach £21.4bn in 2016 for the seventh consecutive year of market growth, according to the latest Advertising Association/Warc Expenditure Report, Joseph Worswick, Joint Managing Director, Media iQ shares his view on what it means for digital advertising. 

It is a positive sign to see digital continuing to grow. Having had a troubled start to the year with ad fraud and brand safety making national headlines, it’s great to see that this hasn’t had an overly negative impact on the budget.

“By utilising the data available to them, advertisers can create digital ad campaigns which will have a much more meaningful impact on consumers. We are now seeing marketers investing in tools which enable a better understanding of customers, to then be able to target them with the right content at the right time. By using data at the heart of all consumer engagement, businesses are beginning to digitally transform. This ongoing innovation of digital spend across the industry is continuing to drive growth.

“In addition, with increasing use of mobile devices amongst consumers, macro data is a brilliant way to truly make the most of this platform. The increasing figures within the area are a clear sign that this digital device will remain a key area for advertising campaigns.

“As AA WARC demonstrates, digital advertising will continue to be a prominent area for emerging technologies that will aim to deliver campaigns in new, creative ways while making the most of programmatic.



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