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John Goulding talks to Mediatel about Ad-blocking


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John Goulding, Global Product Director at Media iQ speaks to Mediatel about the threat of ad-blocking technology.


John Goulding
John Goulding, Global Product Director

If 2016 was the year when we began taking ad-blocking seriously, 2017 will be the year of responding to it with a more user-oriented approach. In other words, we’ll be creating ads that don’t obstruct user journeys or eat unnecessary amounts of mobile data.

The shift will come from industry bodies, publishers and from innovative tech companies who identify opportunity within threat of ad-blocking. We’ve already seen hints of this trend emerging – through the IAB’s shift away from rising star units, intrusive expandables, and auto-play out-stream video – and this is likely to grow to as the industry continues to see the light.

The other category of companies which will drive this shift are the publishers and tech companies which create new incentives for users to consume advertising – for example, discounts on your mobile phone contract – in order to create a more symbiotic relationship between advertiser and consumer.

Whether it’s a change led by our industry bodies, or forced upon us by disruptive tech providers, the days of driving “engagement” through intrusiveness are likely behind us.


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