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Jasper sums up Advertising Week Europe 2017

Jasper Oswin, Client Services Executive at Media iQ describes Advertising Week in a Nutshell.


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Jasper Oswin, Client Services Executive

As the dust begins to settle in the aftermath of the storm that is Advertising Week Europe, there is no question it has left ripples that transcend all disciplines of the marketing industry. From the plethora of discussions spanning a diverse array of opinions, businesses and not the least, characters, there is one common thread that seems to link them all. There is one simple notion that there needs to be much more collaboration and transparency between all facets of the marketing equation; advertisers, media agencies, creative agencies, publishers, media owners, data providers and other third parties.

During the discussion about ‘Planning in a Programmatic Age’, there were many questions that were raised about whether the rise of data and the rapid development of technology, is numbing the conceptual nature of creative thinking when building integrated media plans. As an infant industry, there is a feeling that we are getting over-excited with the technical side of machine-learnt targeting and forgetting the importance of creativity. The discussion wasn’t discrediting the significance of where data has taken the industry but perhaps suggesting we need to learn how to collaborate better to ultimately provide the best outcome for advertisers.

In fact, during the session on ‘Moving Beyond the Cookie’, the same argument was raised by Alistair Maccullum, CEO of M/Six; we can’t disregard the importance of placing a “human lens” over the algorithmic learnings that technology chucks out. This is actually a great thing for us to hear, as Media iQ are experts at turning insights into actions that can influence a brand’s business strategy and in turn drive growth. This is a necessity that the industry is calling out for even more than ever. We need to be much smarter with the way we interpret and use the data we collect. This can perhaps be driven by the increase in transparency and candour between advertisers, agencies and third parties to all work towards shared goals.

During the discussion on ‘Connected Data for Business Transformation’, the topic of collaboration featured prevalently once again. The conclusion that AI will never be able to generate creativity, sparked the conversation about investing time in creative thinking, which has been somewhat overshadowed by the innovation of technology in recent years. It is crucial to understand the significance of data, but perhaps, more importantly, to be able to storify it in order to ultimately help advertisers develop in this rapidly changing landscape. Perhaps that requires a lot more education pieces.

Lastly, during ‘The Next Era of Programmatic’ discussion, there were many comments that eluded to bridging gaps; whether that be between data points at user ID level and macro influences driving “moments marketing”, or between the different individual businesses in the marketing chain. Understandably, it’s very tricky because no one is truly altruistically dedicated to driving business growth for advertisers, as we all have our own to look out for. For that reason alone, I believe it emphasises the importance of working harmoniously together to bake a bigger “pie”, rather than all fighting over slices of a smaller one.

However, these ripples that have resonated around the industry are a blessing for us. We are extremely well equipped to provide the “what?” around data learnings that the industry is crying out for. I feel with more education pieces and more meetings to openly discuss the business objectives of both advertisers and agencies, we can be at the forefront of developing our partnerships into the next era of programmatic.


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