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Beyond Cookie Data, Beyond Automated Engines, Beyond Programmatic

looking beyond

Programmatic today has not only been the source of significant excitement for the industry due to its huge potential but has also proved beneficial for publishers, agencies, advertisers and consumers for more effective, more targeted and more valuable advertising. Therefore, it cannot be seen as just another media channel – it is so much more than that.

Keeping this in mind, we have ingrained this concept as the central theme for our thought leadership content during Advertising week Europe, this year.

Here are the three cornerstones of the theme –

Beyond Cookie Data

Picture this: Jesse is a young professional and a new cat owner. And here’s how her typical Tuesday looks like.

7.34 am – Reads the news and browses blogs on cat

8.10 am – Stops to pick up coffee at a coffee shop

8.20 am – Heads to work in Central London

4 pm – Uses an app to order grocery for the week

Now if you were to capitalise on Jesse’s new feline affinity because you’re promoting a new line of organic cat food, and were only looking at cookie data, you would immediately know that Jessi is interested in pet care, but that’s where the story abruptly stops.  If you are relying only on cookies, the only information that you stand to gain is that Jessi is a consumer who exists for about thirty minutes every morning. But by using cookie data in addition to things like device ID, IP address, in-app data, and even offline data, brands can really understand Jesse’s needs and preferences—where she stops for coffee, the types of indulgences she enjoys, her buying patterns, and shopping preferences. This kind of data known as Macro data is key to producing relevant advertising based on real-world, environmental events. In 2017, if brands want to diversify and improve ad engagement, they need to look beyond just cookie data and this is what we intend to focus on during our ‘Moving Beyond the Cookie’ session on 21st March at Advertising Week Europe.

Beyond Automated Engines

Everyone in the ad tech space agrees that machine learning or artificial intelligence is creating the greatest shift in programmatic capabilities. And while computers are great at processing large amounts of data using various algorithms to identify what is significant and what is noise, the pertinent question is how you apply artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to improve your campaign.

Therefore, the success of a programmatic media campaign not only relies on the power of the technology but also the dedication of the humans behind the technology, someone who understands machine learning and can make great sense of data.

This is the second facet of our theme, which we will further explore in our ‘Planning in Programmatic Age” session on 20th March at Advertising Week Europe.

Beyond Programmatic

Programmatic today has evolved beyond metrics such as last-click performance to incorporate the full range of brand-driven campaigns in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Marketers who understand that programmatic is only one facet and lean into this fast-evolving digital economy will best succeed. Marketers need to understand more about their customer than they can get online if they want to build intelligent customer journeys.

This is what ‘going beyond programmatic’ means for brands, which we will cover in our exciting and engaging session ‘Connected Data for Business Transformation’, on 22nd March at Advertising Week Europe.

The amalgamation of all the three topics is what forms the cornerstone of our “Look Beyond” theme.


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