The 2016 Programmatic Handbook features John Goulding and Niek Sonneveld

The Programmatic Handbook by the IAB brings together the smartest digital minds to contribute to this handbook. The latest handbook features our very own John…

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How to Use Programmatic to Drive Branding Results

“By leveraging real-world moments data and driving it into the creative decision, marketers can deliver high relevance campaigns at mass scale.” Read the full article…

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Ad-Fraud Dilemma_Blog_Banner

How To Solve The Ad-Fraud Dilemma – Without External Vendors

Michael Chock speaks to Media Post and discusses how digital ad fraud can be solved without seeking help from external vendors.  Read the article here Digital ad…

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The Beauty Shopper: Understanding their digital shopping behaviour & what brands should do

From adding products on the basket page to clicking the buy page on brand websites, beauty shoppers take about 15 minutes to purchase products that…

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The Winter Voyager

Do you think all travelers love sand between their toes and sunburn on their nose? Think again. Winter travel sans the crowded tourist spots, peak-time…

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LATEST January 12, 2017 | Angana Sripur
CES 2017 Has Set New Benchmarks For Ad-Tech!

From personalized beds to smart shoes and sleep clothes that monitor sleep patterns to fashion pieces that collect stress levels, CES 2017 was nothing short…

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