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Die Bundesliga entflochten: Effektives Targeting mit MiQ’s Sport Sync

Die Bundesliga ist nicht nur die Fußballliga mit den weltweit höchsten durchschnittlichen Stadionbesucherzahlen, sondern wurde in der letzten Saison auch von 7,1 Millionen Fans über…

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Evangelos Sideras talks to SportsPro about how brands can create relevant content to engage a growing social media audience

Read the complete article here Evangelos Sideras, joint managing director, UK at Media iQ, discusses how brands can create better, more relevant content to engage a…

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Media iQ bridges the buying and strategy gap

The global analytics technology company is helping brands dig deeper into what they want most: rich consumer insights. Read the complete article here. Media iQ…

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Media iQ is a Gold Partner of Advertising Week New York

We’re thrilled to announce today that Media iQ is a Gold Partner of Advertising Week New York 2017, the premier event for marketing, brand, advertising, and technology…

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Media iQ Nominated for “Best Digital Trading Team” and “Best Use of Performance” at The Drum Digital Trading Awards USA

We’re thrilled to announce today that Media iQ has been nominated in two categories for The Drum Digital Trading Awards USA! Media iQ is shortlisted…

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LATEST January 3, 2018 | Media iQ
Winning the Big Game: Super Bowl Insights and Strategies

The Super Bowl is the year’s most expensive broadcast event for advertisers. The average cost of running a 30-second TV spot during the broadcast has…

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What will drive M&A in adtech and martech in 2018? Our co-founder, Lee Puri, weighs in: by……

20,000 products were launched at @CES last year and more than 60,000 attendees came from overseas #CES2018

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Pharma companies have a message to share, and with the right approach to programmatic targeting, it's possible to r……

We're at @CES - let us know if you're around!

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How are you preparing for the Big Game? Check out our report to see how you can employ new strategies to optimize y……