Home and car insurance UK

A Cautious Claim: Insights of car and home insurance seekers in the UK

Purchasing a home or a car is an expensive affair, coupled with the cost of additional fittings and unforeseen expenses, people don’t wish for their…

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Champions league_banner

A colossal kickoff: An advertiser’s guide to capitalising on moments marketing at the Champions League

  Audiences aren’t just watching sports anymore. They’re indulging in an immersive experience, engaging with brands, browsing on their screens, updating their friends, digging up…

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Die Wahrheit hinter B2B Marketing-Mythen

Umsätze in der B2B-Branche und speziell im IT- und Technologiebereich steigen erfahrungsgemäß bereits seit Jahren zuverlässig und mit höheren Wachstumsraten als in anderen Bereichen. Ein…

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John Goulding talks about GDPR

Campaign: John Goulding talks about the GDPR impact and using personal data

Read the complete article here John Goulding, Global Product Director at Media iQ speaks to Campaign about retargeting and GDPR.   The broad definition of…

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LATEST July 28, 2017 | Media iQ
Evangelos Sideras shares his views on the adspend growth in the UK in Q1

“To see that cinema was the only non-digital medium to grow in the quarter only emphasises the fact that digital is surpassing traditional mediums” Read…

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