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How Programmatic Can Help Target The Right Credit Card User

Online advertising promises to deliver the right message at the right time to the right person, but for all the big talk about data in consumer targeting, finding the perfect message can still be guesswork.

Financial institutions understand this, and with advertising’s move towards digital, financial institutions, too, have changed the way they advertise online to get the right message across to the intended audience.

According to the IAB, the financial sector in the US spent over $7.19 billion on display advertising in 2015. 49% of all digital ad spend in this sector was on mobile.

These stats reflect the major shift in this sector towards programmatic advertising that not only has the ability to create opportunities for increased efficiency but also relevancy at every stage of the consumer’s journey.

With the internet changing the way consumers think and purchase, understanding how online can impact financial decision-making has become increasingly important. Media iQ decided to look at the optimal environment that pushes online users to convert for a particular type of credit card. The best time to target users for a particular type of credit card or the kind of websites they usually browse and convert on, their browsing characteristics and their social media behaviour.

Armed with these insights, financial marketers can optimize on programmatic advertising and reach out to the right audience. Based on AiQ data, we tell you how to target the right credit card user in this infographic.


With inputs from Anant Kaushik, Insights Specialist.


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