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How Media iQ celebrated Diwali

Diwali as we all know is the most awaited festival for Indians across the world. Celebrated with lighting diyas, bursting crackers, distributing sweets and wishing good health and wealth to near and dear ones, it signifies the triumph of good over evil.

At Media iQ’s Bangalore office, Diwali celebrations kicked in a week earlier. The office was filled with energy, and celebrations started off with teams enthusiastically decorating their bay. Everything from paper cutouts of diyas, lights, ribbons and flowers were used to decorate the workplace. Some even decorated the plants around office and used every bit of creativity to make their bays stand out.

The teams spared no effort to enliven the festive spirit as there were prizes for the best decorated bay.

Creative talent at work

The ambience was fun-filled as enthusiastic team members came up with amazingly creative decoration ideas. And when the results were announced, everyone was pleasantly surprised as the prize went to all for all the efforts everyone put in depicting the true spirit of Diwali.

Bay decoration at MiQ

What was even a bigger surprise was the special lunch that was arranged which reinforced the festive feeling even further, as Indian festivals are incomplete without good food.


It was a remarkable day that brought all the employees together as one family marking what we stand for #toBeiQ
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