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How Marketers Can Gain Big with Back-to-School

The back-to-school shopping season is already in full swing. Retailers everywhere are ramping up their stores –  offline and online with back-to-school promotional deals. As for parents and students themselves, there seems to be quite a rush to stock up for a school year that will be starting in a few weeks.

Clearly, now is the time when marketers need to put their best foot forward and use their most effective tactics to reach consumers. It is also the time when retailers can capitalize on these seasonal purchasing patterns. So we set out to find if there were certain patterns in which this (back to school) BTS and BTC (back to college) shoppers shopped.

One of the most interesting insights that we gained was that back-to-school shoppers were greatly influenced by digital devices, especially smartphones. And that’s a striking 80 percent!

The web today is rampant with vast amounts of data pertaining to back-to-school purchases. And consumers, mostly mothers and teens, are constantly researching products, reading product reviews, and searching online for the best BTS or BTC deals. This flow of real-time information helps predict consumers’ intent to purchase.

Retail marketers need to be agile to adapt to these changes instantly and deliver messages that are relevant and impactful enough to influence the consumer along their path to purchase.

One way to do this is by personalizing the creative message with text and/or an image of a product, creating highly relevant experiences for your consumers. This enables a marketer to efficiently produce multiple creative messages, in real-time. For example, big retailers who sell a variety of products for the BTS season, can dynamically optimize creative elements of an ad to feature a sale on a specific product that a customer may have searched for or viewed online.

So the ad might look different for a customer who searched for “sales on school backpacks” compared to a customer who was looking for a specific product- like, an electronic-related BTS product, such as a tablet.

Additionally, we found that consumers prefer to shop during a particular time frame during the back to school season the most- August being the most preferred month.

Therefore, it has become imperative than ever before that marketers plan strategies that gives them maximum ROI during seasonal initiatives like BTS which has a limited a shelf life.

With AiQ- our powerful analytical tool as the backbone of our technology we are able to drive prediction at scale and improve the buying outputs across our campaigns in real-time easily. Thereby, making it possible for marketers to serve as personal shoppers, and delivering information when the customer shows intent.

For more insights on our back-to school research check our infographic –

Back to School Infographic_Final


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