Data Science Data Science | August 19, 2015

Have Questions About Data Science? Get Your Answers Here

A data scientist is a unique combination of a mathematician and statistician, additionally having a fair knowledge about programming and business logic.
Eeshan Chatterjee answers your queries on ‘Data Science’

More and more people are donning the role of data scientists today. They are like magicians who can pull out magical insights from a hat, helping brands channelize their marketing efforts to the right consumers.

In reality, a data scientist is a unique combination of a mathematician and statistician. They help organizations/brands draw insights from their data using various solutions and strategies. These insights helps brands understand how a change in customer behaviour can impact their business, or a change in the supply chain process can impact marketing.

It is therefore, no surprise that this is becoming an attractive profession for the youth and they are trying to understand how to program their way into data science.

Eeshan Chatterjee – Data Scientist at Media iQ and also an integral part of our R&D team was the key speaker at a webinar conducted by DeZyre- a live interactive platform where you can learn job-skills from industry experts and companies.

This webinar will give you a full fledged idea on what data science is and how it has evolved over the years.

To know more, check this video here-


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