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Halloween: Spooktacular Social Insights for Marketers


There is no doubt that Halloween is rapidly increasing in interest every year. Judging by the top trending conversations on Twitter this year, it’s not just retail and confectionery brands that are riding high on the Halloween wave. Online optical retailers and department stores, for example, are also trying to reach out to customers and prospects with innovative contests and giveaways.

Halloween has become one of the highest-grossing annual celebrations for both children and adults. Last year, Halloween spending in the UK amounted to £460m, £155 million of which was spent on clothing and costumes.

Halloween is therefore a pivotal time of year for marketers to develop tailored campaigns and maximise sales. At Media iQ, we have used our proprietary analytical platform, AiQ, to look at how brands are engaging with consumers on social media. To help marketers better understand what audiences are seeking and how they can be targeted, we’ve analysed the top social platforms being used and what’s being talking about.

To boost engagement and entice customers to come in-store, brands such as Poundland are asking shoppers to post a photo of themselves beside their store to win a Halloween hamper. Nisa Local, a brand and buying group of independent retailers and wholesalers, asks customers to submit creepy pumpkin creations for the chance to win a trip to Madame Tussauds. Both examples highlight how, by offering incentives, brands can enhance their social profile and engage with current and prospective customers.

Our research found that whilst YouTube links are shared the most on social media, accounting for 37%, Facebook (34.5%) and Instagram (27%) are the other two channels that have seen a spike in Halloween conversations. These channels stir up creativity and are the fastest growing platforms for conversations on costume choices and decorations. Looking further into this data, we see that the people who are most interested in Halloween are writers, bloggers, artists, designers, gamers and YouTubers.

Social channels have been abuzz with conversations in preparation for the holiday, the most widely discussed topics are giveaways, competitions, wins, and freebiefriday. Brands therefore need to leverage social media data to understand their consumer sentiment to then personalise the experience by creating messaging around popular mentions and hashtags that will resonate with consumers, thereby targeting the right audience.

Brands such as Tesco’s ‘Spookermarket’ campaign, which earnt over 1.3 million views just five days after it was posted, saw 97% of all social media conversations hits as positive. This demonstrates how running Social Sync campaigns can help deliver impactful messages during significant ‘social moments’, thereby allowing them to gain cut-through during moments of influence, and even align their brands to social trends in real-time.

By analysing how brands engage with consumers, marketers can help understand online behaviour including what the audience is seeking and how they can be targeted. Ultimately, understanding your consumer is imperative for digital success.

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With inputs from Priyanshu Gupta, Insights Specialist.




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