Insights Insights | October 11, 2016

Get Ahead of the Holiday Rush: 5 Strategies for a Successful Holiday Season

What if we told you that your shoppers are planning ahead each year and that holiday shopping starts earlier every year?

Shoppers in the UK and the US no longer wait for Black Friday or Christmas to avail discounts and deals that big stores can offer. With more and more people shopping online, the holiday shopping season is predicted to start sooner.  A recent report stated that in 2015, while September emerged as the most popular time to start searching for deals, shoppers began to shop for Christmas gifts as early as October.

So if consumers are planning so far ahead, isn’t it time that retailers plan their campaigns too? As we head into this year’s holiday shopping season, we want to help get a game plan in place so that retail brands and marketers can optimise their campaigns and calibrate budgets accordingly. We’ve taken a closer look at how consumers shop when they shop, and what are they shopping for in the UK. If you’re looking for holiday insights, here are five retail trends for the 2016 shopping season, and strategies to win consumers, based on AiQ data, and secondary research.

Retail shopping online

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With inputs from Saurabh Menon, Dushyant Tara, Neha Nandwana, Insights Specialists



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