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Everything you need to know about Event Sync

Every day,  consumers span more their attention to their smartphones, tablets or other  mobile devices. People are searching for holidays, for clothes, for furniture, looking at news…on their smartphones while in front of the TV. They watch videos on their tablets while texting their friends. They search for the perfect gift on a mobile app, and then buy it from the store. When at games, music or sporting events, consumers will take pictures, post match updates with their selfies on social media.

For marketers, this means that the purchase funnel has become more complicated than it was just a few years ago. And it has become even more relevant to tell stories at the perfect moment by connecting every dimension of people’s lives, wherever they may be.

With Media iQ’s Event Sync solution, we make sure relevant display ads are triggered in real time to the right audience at the right moment. So how do we do this?

We used our real-time feed of TV data to sync with the aired adverts. We then combine this with user-level targeting in order to reduce wastage and target current TV viewers, thereby reaching the audience in the right moment. At events we layer this data with our geo-fencing technology which allows us to target relevant consumers within the radius of activity. This increases engagement  and drives performance  for our advertisers and their campaigns.

To know how we have used Event sync, view our infographic below-

event-syncv5_wyz18675_by MiQ_Final


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