Infographics Infographics, Insights | October 12, 2017

Doling out the Dough: Insights on Canada’s Finance Audience and Institutions

Consumers today have a distinct set of expectations from their banking institutions. With the advent of internet banking, long queues and cumbersome paperwork is no longer the norm. However, users are becoming increasingly dependent on their mobile devices to make payments, research about products, and perform simple banking tasks such as checking their account balance or making a term deposit.

The increase in contactless payments and rise in online transfers indicate that consumers are undertaking a journey across multiple devices and it’s imperative for advertisers to find them and reach out to them. Most users now comfortably perform banking tasks on their phones, tablets, and laptops, but to aid them in their ‘’research phase’’ and decision-making process is where brands need to step in.

Finance Canada Cross Device Learnings

Consumers are not only seeking out new and improved banking experiences but also looking for custom plans to fit their banking needs.While programmatic has enabled niche targeting strategies to become a reality, it is understanding audiences and gaining insight into their demographics and interests that will help these brands stay on the top of their game. We delved into the consumer behavior of audiences for financial products in Canada and found some interesting insights.

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With inputs from Abhishek Pandey, Insights specialist. Illustrated by Pratima Vaska.