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Did you register for our UK ‘Halloween Bash’? It’s creeping closer…Here are some interesting insights for you..

We’ve put together some fascinating facts from the UK & US about Halloween that you might not know. Read at your own risk!

Wondering when is the right time to trigger ads?
Target them early, as 1/3 of consumers start Halloween shopping before October. 

Looking to run campaigns for your alcohol brand?
Did you know that alcohol consumption increases 4 fold on Halloween compared to regular days.

Want maximum conversions?
Maybe try targeting consumers the weekend prior to Halloween as alcohol consumption increases by almost 25% during this time.

Wondering how to increase brand awareness?
Did you know that, the number of food and drink products launched with a mention of Halloween grew 263% between 2009 and 2013?

Halloween has become a favourite holiday not just for kids, but for millennials and parents as well. What’s not to like about getting dressed up as a ghoulish beings, carving smiley pumpkins, and getting free candy?

Wondering what the top costumes during Halloween were?
The most popular costumes that consumers searched for online are ‘timeless classics’.

Want to maximise on candy sales?
Did you know that the biggest candy buying days of the Halloween season are the Sunday before the holiday and on Halloween day?

Targeting gamers?
Did you know the highest rated horror games are “BioShock”, “Demon’s Souls”, “Left 4 Dead 2”, “Left 4 Dead” and “Dead Space”.


We decided to make  Halloween more memorable.  If you are participating in our UK contest, there are special treats in store for you this month and a party with nibbles and drinks on 29th of October, at Kachette, London.  And yes, the winner of this contest gets a grand prize!


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