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Data Truly Re-inventing Marketing

Marcus D'Souza, Director
Marcus D’Souza, Director

The iMedia Data-Fuelled Summit, 2016 held last week at the imposing Millbank Tower was more of an intimate affair. The event did not disappoint in the quality of speakers and examples of how data is truly re-inventing marketing.

And one could not help but sense the anticipation from key marketers who were looking to harness the power of their 1st party data to make more data-driven decisions that will influence their marketing strategies. There was a diversity in the themes set for the day ranging over two key ‘streams’, with my time concentrated mostly around the programmatic and planning sessions.

The delegates were representative of a mix of established, household and progressive brands ranging from M&S, Shell, TUI, and Acer to Cash On Go, Endource and, all with varying degrees of advancement when capturing, storing and visualising their data sets. However, the key discussion pieces were around how they can better ‘PLAN, EXECUTE and drive INSIGHTS.’

It was clear that a stronger degree of control over how this could be done was a consistent theme discussed in these sessions. And this ambition is already in motion with some of the key brands offering a glimpse of their resource commitment and investment towards consolidating their efforts ‘in-house’. It was interesting to hear that Samsung now have a ‘Data and Analytics’ team ensuring that they are stitching together their shared services, across tech and digital content to better identify and inform their consumers.

Education around programmatic is always going to be a hot topic, particularly around transparency and the how it can be applied to up-skilling internal marketing teams. A great titled presentation by Travelex Global Marketing Director, Dominic Grounsell – “The CMO in a Brave New World”, gave a very honest insight into some of the challenges currently faced by a modern marketer.

How do I keep up?  How can I avoid data overload? Who can I trust? – were some of the questions that many people, I am sure, could relate to in the room.

However, despite the current challenges, it is clear that the industry has made significant strides since last year’s summit with evidently more progressive businesses in attendance. And the commitment towards the realisation and translation of customer data will continue to take centre stage for most marketers’ objectives in 2016.


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