“Your employees build your product, it is your employees who sell your product, so your employees are your business.”


Media iQ’s founders built a business based on the idea that ‘it is your people who build your product and it is your people who sell your product so your people are your business.’ We possess some of the most sought after skill sets in the technology industry and even to this day, maintain a 93 percent employee retention rate.

The word culture didn’t always mean everyone having to be the same, it was originally focused on the human concept of the ‘refinement of the self’ and that is why we are one of the smallest companies in the world to have its own dedicated Learning and Development department.


Values Form Our Core


Ours is a values-driven business, and we focus a lot on hiring, and harnessing people who are autonomous, responsible and relish working in a transparent business with passion, determination, and ambition. A core company value of Media iQ is community and we invest immensely in our people travelling to other offices and this doesn’t stop at senior managers, as we make a conscious effort to have all levels of our people building connections in all of our offices, all the time. iQers share common goals and visions for the company – a quality that further strengthens this sense of community.

However, just as important as shared values are, is the need for someone to be different, human, quirky, endearing or unique, they need #toBeiQ. This diversity of character catalyses a variety of creative ideas and suggestions, which in turn creates an adaptable and insatiable quest for innovation. We carry out this spirited attitude into our programmatic solutions as well. Solutions that make you think, engage with your audiences better. Inspire you.

Media iQ Digital