Advertising Technology Advertising Technology | January 12, 2017

CES 2017 Has Set New Benchmarks For Ad-Tech!


From personalized beds to smart shoes and sleep clothes that monitor sleep patterns to fashion pieces that collect stress levels, CES 2017 was nothing short of the most innovative expo in town!

Voice assistants, fitness tech, wearable tech, connected homes and personalized smart devices were some of the major trends that emerged at CES this time round. All of this points to the evolution of the Internet of Things, where the focus is shifting from hardware to software for connected devices.

For marketers and advertisers, this points to a treasure trove of data and a focus on turning data into intelligence, to be able to target consumers more effectively. Michael Chock, Vice President, North America Sales at MiQ tells us how ad-tech companies will have to buckle up and dive into creating much more immersive and digitally driven experiences going forward.

People told us their thoughts on what’s trending at CES 2017! Check it out here:

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