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CES 2016: A Waiting Game

Stewart Easterbrook, Chairman at Media iQ, shares his thoughts on last week’s CES 2016 in Las Vegas.

Stewart Easterbrook: Chairman@Media iQ
Stewart Easterbrook: Chairman@Media iQ

Last week’s CES 2016 in Las Vegas was home to 20,000 new product announcements and was spread across 2.1 million square feet of floor space. So it sounds crazy to suggest that this year’s CES was less about spotting entirely new things in the present and more about identifying trends and momentum for the years ahead. But that was exactly the case.

In years past, and there have been 48 of them, CES has seen the debuts of technologies such as the VCR and the CD. It feels that we are now in a period of development that is more about the further enhancement of already-known tech concepts as opposed to the introduction of radical, unexpected technological jumps. Having said this, there were plenty of amazing exhibits to draw in the 170,000 attendees and give tech nerds a second Christmas.

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