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Bregret Gains over Brexit: The Social Story

After Britain’s historic vote to leave the European Union on the 23rd last month, the question still  lingering on social media is whether to leave or not. With a huge dip in sterling, and both political parties seeming crippled in Britain, #Bregret has been trending as the top hashtag on social media, leaving people wondering whether Brexit was actually a mistake.

To understand how people reacted and what their main concerns were after the referendum, we looked at social media sentiment few days prior to the referendum, during and post the referendum, and found interesting insights.

We saw that on the 21st of June, two days before the referendum, there was a spike in the tweet volume with 4% of the overall tweets comprising pro-Brexit related content. Post the referendum, we saw another spike in tweet volume, but this time including regret related content.

Twitter activity around Brexit



With inputs from Saurabh Menon, Insights Specialist.


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