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Beyond Dashboards: Exploring Media iQ’s Business Intelligence tool

Business intelligence (BI) has become a buzzword today in every business, be it ecommerce, retail, travel industry or the Food & Beverage industry. So why do we need a business intelligence strategy? The answer is simple – Data.

There is vast amounts of data sitting with each organisation, and with the growth of information, the need to manage data and make it actionable only grows further. Using this data in a timely manner, and applying it to target the right people at the right time is an important factor to measure the success of any organisation.


This is where the ‘intelligence’ of a BI tool comes into picture. Today, a business intelligence strategy is an absolute necessity to make projections, identify sales trends, track product trajectories, and enhance efficiency. Businesses need it to make good decisions about their products and services.

So what is a BI tool?

A BI tool is ideally a combination of several different concepts and processes relating to data analysis –  data warehousing, data integration, visualisation, dashboard reporting etc.  Purva Goyal, Product Manager at MiQ, talks about it further.

Purva Goyal

“Having an internal BI tool allows us to maximise the data touch points and integrate information throughout the organisation”, adds Purva.

MiQ’s BI tool supports SQL compliant data sources and can be integrated with real time data sources as well. It allows reports to auto update in real time, thereby enabling it to  support real time dashboards and providing real time insights.

How is Media iQ’s BI tool different?

In terms of data visualisation, our pluggable dashboard viewer is a very critical component that allows us to visualise data in all our internal applications and not just the BI itself. Therefore, the biggest proposition that it enables is that it provides actionable information within the sight of users who can use it to improve company’s performance.

It allows us to write macro queries where users provide values while viewing the report/ dashboard. This allows us to create dashboard templates or enables us to use the same dashboard across a range of clients from similar domains. It even broadens the use of BI avoiding the need for any proper training.

“We have well defined user roles within our BI environment, which allows us to control who sees what type of data. Even our clients are given necessary access which helps us provide them with insights in a transparent manner”, further adds Purva.  

What’s more?  Our BI tool allows the data to be explored using SQL directly against the database. There is no limit to the scope of the queries, and anything can be accessed including content which is not normally accessible through drill down features.

BI tools

We’ve reached information overload, and the need for timely data has become more pressing. Therefore, to manage the avalanches of information, business intelligence tools are becoming more widespread. Media iQ’s BI can help transform your data into information. It can help shift from running your business on intuition, to running it with intelligence.


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