Enterprise Enterprise | February 19, 2016

Are we over sharing services?

As Uber, Amazon, Deliveroo and other disruptive companies encourage peer to peer services, it seems the whole market place is experiencing a flurry of start ups that will disrupt the way we receive services as consumers. Paul Silver, COO at Media iQ speaks to The Drum and discusses: are we over sharing services?

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Paul Silver, COO - Media iQ
Paul Silver, COO – Media iQ

The share based economy is here to stay. Whilst we may have hit ‘Peak Uber’, the benefits of sharing for consumers is obvious (in the appropriate sectors). Brands better get used to this otherwise they risk waking up being disrupted to the extent that Uber and Air BnB has inflicted upon the status quo.

But we must be mindful that not every ‘Uber for-x’ will strike it rich. To succeed on an unprecedented level, you need scale. To be a real useful utility to consumers you need supply and you need plenty of demand to drive that supply. And for this to happen at scale you need capital.

There is a play for established brands to start embracing the share economy (where it makes sense). They have the infrastructure, customer demand and resource to make it scale. But you can’t just dip your toe in. For everyone else, it is likely to be a flash in the pan and an utter fad. If you’re thinking of launching the next ‘Uber For….’, you might like these .


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