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Are Americans Feeling More Romantic than Brits this Valentine’s Day?

Love is in the air, but the action clearly takes place on social media these days. Right from tweeting about chocolates, date night, gift and wines, it’s on the mind of one and all.

And for brands and advertisers it is the best time to engage with customers and increase their sales. It is also the best time for brands to know how to reach their target audience and understand what kind of conversations are consumers having about their brands.

To know if Brits and Americans responded in the same way to this day of romance, we analysed audience data, browsing interests, and even looked at Twitter data, trending hashtags, and top domains.

And found interesting insights that show distinct differences.

Their Interests and Purchase Intent

Do Brits browse the same sites as Americans on Valentine’s Day?

The answer is not quite.

While Brits searched for online love apps, fun trivia content and blogs related to valentine’s day, Americans showed more inclination towards retail sites, real estate domains, cooking sites and apps related to valentine’s day.

valentines_day_American_vs_British (1)

Our Twitter data shows some distinct differences as well.


While Brits tweeted 1 million tweets about Valentine’s day from the third till 14th Feb with 0.5 million tweets in the last three days, Americans clearly are more romantic, with tweet volumes ranging up to as high as 4 million tweets during the same time period, with 2.5 million tweets in the last 3 days.



Londoners clearly believe more in this day of romance as Londoners tweeted more than other cities in the UK, accounting for 27% of the total tweet volume. In the US, the state of California contributed to 14% of the tweets, followed by Texas (9%) and New York (9%).



You can’t go wrong with chocolates and Americans know that.

While the top hashtags in US centered around chocolate, flowers, and love, Etsy featured in the top hashtags list, with the top trending hashtags being #etsymntt and #epiconetsy.

In the UK, Valentine’s day centers around retail, with most of the tweets being around offers and competitions- top hashtags being #win, #competition, #giveaway etc.



If it’s romance for some Americans, it’s fun for the rest.

In US, the top mentions are popular twitter accounts who mostly share memes and funny content, while in the UK, all the top mentions are around brands.

UK                                                                                  US


For marketers aiming to capitalise on the most romantic day in the calendar, the team has come up with seven insights that will help marketers plan ahead and have the right programmatic strategies in place.

With inputs from Raghuvir Sreepada & Shraddha Mehta, Insights Specialists.


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