Interview Interview | March 9, 2017

A look into Richard Dunmall’s week


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Richard Dunmall, President at Media iQ speaks to Campaign about how his week looks like.

Richard Dunmall
Richard Dunmall, President, Media iQ


Monday’s alarm is painful for most of us. My daughter always wakes up at around 6.30am with what can only be described as “enthusiastic” singing – and today is no different. I find it difficult to match her energy levels after the few glasses of wine I had over lunch yesterday. Still feel guilty about drinking on what feels like a school night.

I’m in the UK for a few days for once, so it gives me a chance to catch up with the fantastic UK leadership team, defending Liverpool’s weekend performance alongside reviewing our progress against our strategic and financial goals. Things are certainly going better for us than the Mighty Reds’ season, I’m relieved to report.

Then follows a lovely lunch with Claudine Collins, which is always a treat. We don’t really talk about work, but we do laugh a lot, normally about Dom Williams. This is never difficult as there is always plenty of material.


Lots of 1:1s today. Joe who runs sales in the UK, Van who runs trading and Marcus who runs key accounts sales.

All of them are enlightening and energetic, and it’s great to see how well the UK business is doing. We’ve been in operation in both London and Manchester since 2010 so were early to the programmatic party.

We are constantly striving to differentiate ourselves in an overly-cluttered market, and our blend of great insights driving real business outcomes, resonates with brands and their agencies. Our team is outstanding too which hopefully allows us to stand out from the crowd.

Come lunchtime, I try boom cycle – 45 minutes of far too much shouting and high-fiving, certainly for WC1. I consider fist-pumping the instructor but can’t lift my arm. A British wave and thank you will suffice.

I spend the afternoon being abused by Steph (operations director) and Danni (EA). I definitely deserve it.

A quick evening call follows at home with our US operations director, Ryan and our US sales head, Michael. Things are going well. I then continue with my man-crush for James Martin by watching his latest series. What that boy can do with butter…



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