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A day in the life of John Goulding


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John Goulding, Global Product Director at Media iQ talks to Econsultancy about the world of programmatic and his day-to-day activities.

John Goulding
John Goulding, Global Product Director at Media iQ

John Goulding gives us some nice insights into the world of programmatic, as well as letting us know what he gets up to day-to-day.

Econsultancy: Please describe your job: What do you do? And who do you report to?

John Goulding: I’m primarily responsible for shaping the direction of our product and ensuring that it (and the business as a whole) is adapting to the opportunities and threats that lie ahead of us. Having said this, Global Product Director is probably a misnomer for me these days – my role is very diverse and reaches beyond product management into areas such as operations, strategy and compliance. I report into our COO, Paul Silver.

E: How did you get into programmatic, and where might you go from here?

John Goulding: I think, like most people, I fell into programmatic by accident – I’d had a taste of biddable media running PPC for a small ecommerce site, and then landed a role at Associated Newspapers to manage their behavioural advertising. We got a Mediamath license in around 2011 in order to run audience extension against those high value behavioural audiences.