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A Cautious Claim: Insights of car and home insurance seekers in the UK

Purchasing a home or a car is an expensive affair, coupled with the cost of additional fittings and unforeseen expenses, people don’t wish for their assets to be rendered worthless. In the current environment, however, it seems that users aren’t just seeking out a basic insurance cover, but a custom plan. Questions such as ‘’Does the insurance cover climate change, earthquake, floods etc.?”, “Does it provide a cover for household appliances?” or even ‘’Does my car insurance cover pet injuries and rodent damages?” are increasingly plaguing users.

Insurance audiences

However varied and motley the needs of these insurance seekers might be, brands cannot reach out to them without a thorough understanding of who they are, what they’re seeking, and how to reach them. Demographics, browsing patterns and online interests of these users, reveal a treasure trove of information about them, as opposed to traditional surveys or questionnaires. Targeting the ideal insurance buyer is only a matter of adopting a custom audience targeting strategy that’s driven by niche insights.

For instance, Cheshire East, Haringey and Peterborough saw the maximum number of conversions in the UK, which could be attributed to the fact that these regions are prone to earthquake, surface water flooding and risk of flooding from the sea, respectively. This only goes to show that brands cannot adopt a one-size-fits-all when it comes to insurance consumers, as it’s likely that several internal and external factors affect their purchase decisions. We’ve drawn up some engaging insights to help advertisers spot their ideal car and home insurance consumers.

Read the insight report here.


With inputs from Abhishek Pandey, Insights Specialist. Illustrated by Erica Theis.



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