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7 Teams. 7 Mentors. It’s Time for Hack iQ

It’s that time of the year again!

hackiQ For the past few weeks, Media iQ Bangalore office has been abuzz with ideas for Hack iQ, Media’ iQ’s annual hackathon. This year, Hack iQ II is the first hackathon to include more teams, with a mix of engineers, data scientists, analysts and product managers, and topics as varied as chat bots, automated trading systems to building a cab-sharing app. The participants have been divided into a team of seven with a mentor in each team. At the end of the hackathon, each team will have a ten-minute presentation along with a demo.

As we continue to grow, we realize that we need to inspire employees to think big, so that they are able to contribute to Media iQ’s growth. We have some of the brightest minds working here, a team of brilliant engineers, analysts, and developers, and tapping into that rich talent pool only contributes to the vision that we have- Hack iQ was conceived to cater to that vision.

Hack iQ II will consist of employees working together to create a working prototype that will address a challenge, and will demonstrate uniqueness in approach and/or testing something new – a new programming language, analytics technique, methodology or software. The aim, solely being to explore employee ideas and creativity, and maintain Media iQ’s vision to be a leader in the global analytics technology space.

The teams will be judged by peers and the board; winners will be awarded a generous gift voucher, and given a week off from work, to bring their product idea to life.

The next two weeks will see teams meet for sessions to develop their ideas and prepare for D’day, which covers two days – June 24 and 25th.

Which idea will finally become a future product? And which team will be victorious is yet to be seen.

So stay tuned, and watch this space for more updates on Hack iQ II.


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