Whitepaper Whitepaper | January 31, 2017

6 Ways to Make Data Work For You During Super Bowl

6 Ways to Make Your Data Work for Super Bowl-17

The rate at which the digital universe is growing is astounding and is expected to double every two years. The dramatic increase and inherent value of data, coupled with the magnifying possibility of technology to analyze, synthesize, and visualize data, poses both challenges and opportunities for brands today. The pertinent questions today are no longer “if” and “why” brands are using data analytics, but “how” are they using data analytics to make it more actionable for business growth.

It is time for brands to constantly find new and better ways to work with information at hand and realize the benefits from the inherent value of data to increase service quality, reduce costs, and improve business growth.

This whitepaper talks about ‘6 Ways to Make Data Work For You During Super Bowl’

You’ll learn how to:

  1.  Put Micro and Macro data sets to play
  2.  Target users on the second screen
  3.  Leverage the power of social data
  4.  Implement a hyperlocal advertising strategy
  5.  Make quicker, futuristic decisions with Enterprise solutions
  6.  Trigger digital ads across screens based on live sports moments


With all these various data sources available at hand, budget-crunched advertisers can capitalize on the game anyway.

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