Insights Insights | September 27, 2016

London Fashion Week: Post-Event Insights for Marketers

The London Fashion week has come and gone but the hype surrounding it is far from over. The LFW has created considerable amount of interest and excitement, especially on social media. For brands and marketers, this indicates an exclusive opportunity to engage with audiences and generate engagement like never before. Understanding who’s interested in the fashion week, what categories of fashion they tweeted the most, who their favorite designers are and most importantly, which brands they follow closely, can give marketers invaluable insight into the consumer.

We found out how major fashion brands are engaging with their consumers. The objective of this post-event analysis was to gain deep insight into the engagement during the London Fashion Week. We looked into social data in order to harness social sentiment and peek into the most enthralling fashion ‘event’ of the year. For marketers, this means social-sync campaigns and increased engagement with the ‘right’ set of audience.

To view the insights, download the PDF here: London Fashion Week Insights-Sep2016

With inputs from Priyanshu Gupta, insights specialist



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