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Clients leverage Media iQ's analytical and technology capabilities through two methods. With our Media solutions, we convert insights into better performing and better targeted, programmatic media campaigns

Our Enterprise solution empowers marketers and CMOs with insights through analytical software and services

Our Technology

AiQ is our proprietary analytics platform, which collects, unifies, and enriches data from multiple sources. It converts this data into actionable insights and allows these insights to be activated across multiple disciplines within a client’s business



Media iQ bridges the buying and strategy gap

2 August

Press: Media iQ Names Rebecca Mahony First CMO

25 July

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Media iQ was founded to address client’s needs to understand their data better. With the vision of inspiring through insights, we help businesses to make better decisions from insights gained. Read more
We are a young startup with passionate, determined, curious people. Ours is a values-driven business, and we focus a lot on hiring. iQers share common goals and visions.     Read more
The hunt for talent never ends at Media iQ. We are actively looking for curious, bright and innovative minds across our Engineering, R&D, Analysis, Trading, Product, Marketing and Sales roles. Read more



MediaIQ Team
Like all good things in life, Media iQ is also built brick by brick. From building our technology platform on our co-founder's laptop to growing to over 200+ people in just five years, we have come a long way. Our employees are our greatest asset and biggest differentiator. They live by Media iQ's core values, are passionate about results, and also believe in having a lot of fun along the way. We believe it's important for you to know who we are and how we approach your business.
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